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Secondary & Tertiary Treatment
ECOPOD  500 – 100,000 GPD
NSF/ANSI 40 & 245 Certified Residential/Commercial Wastewater Treatment

ECOPOD-N Treatment    

ECOPOD-N is the clear choice for an on-site wastewater treatment system. Its technology was tested under Standard 40 & 245 of ANSI/NSF International and met and exceeded Class 1 requirements with an average effluent quality of 9 mg/L BOD5 and 8 mg/L TSS.

ECOPOD-N significantly reduces BOD, TSS, fecal coliforms, and nutrients in the wastewater. Nitrification and denitrification occur in a single tank.

ECOPOD-N series uses a fixed film process which is characteristically stable, reliable and sturdy. Fixed film is a preferred treatment process for on-site wastewater treatment systems. 

  • Completely submerged reactor disposes of wastewater quietly, efficiently, and with no odor
  • No inner tank filters, screens or diffusers to service
  • Patented non-clogging air delivery system
  • Remote mount air compressor
  • Low initial capital cost and operation
  • Complete on-site system designs
  • True attached growth system – no mixed liquor 
  • Integral clarifier – no external clarifier required
  • Complete on-site wastewater system designs for all commercial projects such as office buildings, schools, restaurants, industrial parks and all other commercial types that require wastewater treatment.

*Lee’s Septic is uniquely suited with their concrete tank manufacturing to offer complete designs using their precast tanks.


Delta Environmental Certification for Installers

Delta certification ensures you are proficient in system installation. To gain certification, either attend one of Delta’s training classes in your area, provided when a system is being installed. If you are an installer who is not certified, a Delta Rep will be onsite to help with the installation and certify the installer at that time.

Local Stocking Distributors
Lee’s Septic is a representative of Delta Environmental™ and other fine products. 

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Lee’s Precast Concrete, Inc. is the Delta Environmental™ Representative. Always check with us first so we can begin the process and get the correct people involved. We look forward to working with you to make all your projects a success.





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ECOPOD 500 – 100,000 GPD NSF/ANSI 40 & 245 Certified Residential/Commercial Wastewater Treatment


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