Stone Strong System

Whether your project calls for a concave, convex or circular wall, our system can meet your need. Depending on soil conditions, this system can tower up to 40 feet. It can match most any test it’s put to.

The Stone Strong® system looks good too!   Whether imitating the look of natural chiseled stone or rough hewn natural stone of any color, our system delivers a quality aesthetic that pleases the most discriminating owner.

Stone Strong System Product Catalog

24 SF Block

The 24 SF Block contributes to the speed of installation. A small crew and a couple of pieces of equipment can install 1,200 sf a day.

24 SF Top Block

The Top Block has an 8" recess at the top of the face to allow for multiple finish options.

6 SF Block

The 6 SF Block allows for tighter turning radius, wall steps at 18" increments and vertical and horizontal adjustments. The Block can also be used as a stand alone retaining wall.

3 SF Block

The 3 SF Block allows the wall to stay on running bond.

End/Corner Block

The End/Corner Block is used for 90° turns and for end finish treatments.

24 SF Mass Extender Block

The addition of the extender to the 24 SF block provides gravity wall heights.

Dual Face Block

The Dual Face Block provides for above grade applications.

90° Block

The 90° Block provides for inside and outside 90° turns.

45° Block

The 45° Block provides for inside and outside 45° turns.

Step/Cap Block

The Step/Cap is used for stair and step applications and as wall cap.


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