Safe Rooms

Quality Construction Goes into Each Lee’s Tornado Shelter

“The house trembled, the tornado roared, and my family sat defenseless in the middle of our living room. I knew immediately that I could not risk my family’s lives again. We chose to enclose our shelter in the house so that we did not have to go outside. We constructed the position of the shelter so that if you did not know it was there, you would never suspect it was a shelter.”

– Paul Vega – Columbus, MS


Lee’s Storm Shelters Meet and Exceed FEMA Specifications

No special requirements. These above ground shelters sit straight on the ground. Little or no site preparation is needed.

Rigid Reinforcement

Concrete: 5,000 P.S.I. (MINIMUM)
Reinforcing: Grade 60; Equal to #4 Rebars @ 12″ O.C.E.W. (MIN.)

Solid Steel Doors

Door openings are formed into the concrete during construction for a perfect tight fit.


4 anchors are driven 2 feet into the ground to secure the 1.25 inch metal straps that hold the shelter firmly to the ground.

Family Friendly – Standard with Electrical and Air Vents

All Lee’s Storm Shelters are ready to protect you and your loved ones immediately. You can fancy them up or use them as they are. Either way, your family is safe the next time a storm threatens.

Safe Rooms Product Catalog


5' x 8' Garage Model

5' x 8' Free Standing Model

6' x 12' Free Standing Model


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