Wastewater Treatment Plants

Lee’s Precast Residential Treatment Systems, powered by Cajun Aire, will process your household sewage into a clear odorless liquid within a 24-hour time frame. Lee’s Precast Residential Wastewater Treatment System was tested against the NSF Standard No. 40 and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International).

  • Available for residential, industry, and commercial
  • Available in 500 GPD capacity and larger
  • Easy for inspection and preventive maintenance

Lee’s Precast also provides service contracts for residential, industry, and commercial.

Wastewater Treatment Plants Product Catalog

One Unit
Three Units

500 GPD Treatment Plant Assembly

600 GPD Treatment Plant Assembly

750 GPD Treatment Plant Assembly

Inlet is 15" from the left side, facing the inlet

1000 Gallon Septic Tank

Aerator/Settling Chamber

150 Gallon Chlorinator


6" Concrete Riser

Item #2000100000

12" Concrete Riser

Item #2000120000

Concrete Riser Lid

Item #2000200000

Motor House

Item #2000300000

Concrete Motor Base

Item #2000500000

Concrete Distribution Box

Item #5600000000

Flow Equalizer

Item #5154353

Diffuser Bar (500GPD)

Item #5800000000

Diffuser Bar (600GPD)

Item #5860000000

Diffuser Bar (750GPD)

Item #5875000000

Diffuser Bar (1000GPD)

Item #5810000000